Second Future
Nautical charts
Life of obsolete nautical charts extended to serve as e.g. notebooks, logbooks, travelers diaries, sketchbooks, guest books – but how come we have obsolete nautical charts at all ?

Following the disaster of RMS Titanic on her maiden voyage in 1912, an international agreement was struck, obliging all ships to carry a set of printed nautical charts.

Responsibility for printing and distributing nautical charts covering the waters surrounding Denmark, Greenland and the Faroe Islands falls upon the ”Geodatastyrelsen”. Whenever the number and nature of corrections to any given nautical charts makes it necessary, a new edition is printed to replace the old one, which in the process becomes obsolete.

Obsolete nautical charts used to be incinerated – nowadays Second Future collects them, proces them in an environmental friendly way and turns them out in a new shape to face an extended life.