Second Future
Second Future
Established year 2000, we took over Second Future in 2016, maintaining the original idea of producing handmade, durable notebooks from obsolete nautical chart which would otherwise be incinerated.

Nautical charts comes in a basic size of 28 x 40 inches, and being printed on waterproof paper, they are extremely durable. We start by cutting them up in paper formats A3, A4, A5 and A6 following a carefully prepared plan.

From then on, it’s all done by hand, formats A3 are laminated and cut up as covers for notebooks of all sizes, inner pages are counted and thoroughly mixed to individualize the notebooks, covers front

and back are added before it’s all bound together by a galvanized spiral.

We aim to have the front covers of our notebooks showing generally recognizable landmarks, but as the bulk as well as the contents of the ”raw material” varies enormously, production volume varies accordingly and the notebooks themselves are seldom two alike.

Nevertheless, we like to think that customers, when leafing through our notebooks, will recognize a place of interest, maybe some shallow water where they used to anchor up or the beach upon which their grandparents used to keep a small wooden house?